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How to make Explosive'S

Have You Ever Wonderd How To Make Dynamite, TNT, Gunpowder or Nitroglicerin?
Check it out at The list of explosive's and the Hot Mixes.


List of Content's


Since the invention of gunpowder (China 1300) it's used for all kinds of applications, like:
fireworks, bomb's, gun's, rocket's and much more.
One of my hobbies is making explosives and one of my hobbies is internet so that's why I made
this site.


This site is a compilation of most of the explosive texts on the net. DO NOT attempt to make any of these explosives if you are unfamilar with the basics of chemistry. There are many safety items and/or procedures that are missing from this text. The editor and provider of this publication accept no responsiblity if you lose a limb, become burned, or if you DIE.

Making your Explosive's is in the most country's not legal

List of explosive's

Here is the list of al sort's of explosive's:
(copy them by selecting the text and press CTRL + C, paste them with CTRL + V, or print the
highlighted text with CTRL + P)

Acetonperoxide (try this)
Ammonium Nitrate

D.D.N.P (Diazodinitrophenol)
Double Salts
H.M.T.D. (Hexamethylenetriperoxidediamine)
HMX (High melting Explosive)
Mercury Fulminate
M.M.A.N. (Monomethylamine nitrate)
R.D.X. (Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine)
T.A.C.C. (Tetraminecopper (II) Chlorate)
TENN (tetranitronapthalene)
TETRYL (trinitrophenylmethylnitramine)
TNP (Trinitrophenol)
TNT (Trinitrotoluene)

Hot Mixes

Amatex is a military explosive that is composed of 40% RDX, 40% TNT, and 20% ammonium nitrate.

Amatol is a mix of 60% Ammonium nitrate and 40% TNT .

AMEX is a form of ANFOS (ammonium nitrate fuel oil solution). ANFOS solves one of t he problems with ammonium nitrate, it's tendency to pick up water from the air. This results in the explosive failing to detonate when an attempt is made. This is rectified by mixing 94% (by weight) ammonium nitrate with 6% fuel oil or kerosene. AMEX requ ired a large shock wave to set it off. \par \par AMMONAL \par Ammonal is a military explosive that is a mix of 50% RDX , 48% Ammonium Nitrate, and 2% wax.

ASTROLITE A / 1 / 5 \par To make Astrolite A mix (outside and in a large container) 2 parts , by weight, ammonium ni trate and 1 part by weight anhydrous hydrazine. Take this 4 parts by weight of this mixture and mix it with 1 part by weight aluminum powder. This is the worlds most powerful non-nuclear explosive. This explosive detonates at roughly twice as fast as TNT.

To make Astrolite G mix (outside and in a large container ) 2 parts by weight ammonium nitrate and 1 part by weight hydrazine.

Dynamite is very forgiving in the proportions mixed. Here are 2:
Nitroglycerin 12% Ammonium nitrate 88%
Nitroglycerin 15% Sawdust 85%

H.B.X (High Blast Explosive)
HBX is a high performance military explosive that is a combination of 40% RDX, 50% TNT, and 10% aluminum powder. This explosive is slightly plastic and is mainly used in blocks for cutting steel.

Octatol is a high performance military high explosive that is mainly used in special purpose bombs. Octatol is a combination of 70% HMX and 30% TNT. This explosive cannot be cast.

Pentolite is a military explosive that is used for shaped charges. Pentolite can be made by mixing PETN and TNT in a 50/50 ratio.

Semtex is the Slovacian plastic explosive. It is essentially the same explosive as Composition C. Semtex can be made by mixing 89% RDX with 11% mineral oil.

Tetrytol is a shaped charge explosive that is a combination of 75% tetryl and 25% TNT.

How to make bombs

Some information about how to make bombs:

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